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From left to right: Times Square Shanghai; Dynamic Crystal; Gubei International Plaza; Paris Garden ; Summit Residence;
Hong Run International Garden;
Rendezvous; Talent Studio; Monet Image.


As SVAM send you regular communication via E-mail and a 6 month report by post, it is critical we have your full updated postal address, E-mail address and phone number for emergency contact.Feel free to send your rescent contact details at any time to ensure we can contact you in a timely manner.

Shanghai Vision Asset Management (SVAM) had approx. 600 apartments under management (AUM) by late 2006 before the Chinese government passed a law preventing non-Chinese from purchasing any more real estate in their country. Since then SVAM has facilitated the Exit Sale of over 470 apartments leaving approx. 130 AUM as of Jan 2013. At this low AUM level, SVAM is no longer profitable as a stand-alone company so will merge our AUM with the large and very experienced local Shanghai company - U–Home - by mid 2013.

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